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Friday, November 18, 2011

The major points of MML

Here is a summary of the major points of Metaphysics and the Meaning of Life.
-On the issue of freedom vs determinism: libertarian.
-On the issue of the immortality of the soul: immortality of soul.
-On the issue of realism, I believe that the question is irrational/nonsensical/misplaced for reasons having to do with theory of meaning/metaphysics.
-Is a logically perfect language possible? No.
- Who is more sophisticated, Plato or Aristotle? Aristotle.
-Locke or Leibniz? If you want to go on pure philosophical strength of argument: Leibniz.
-The Mind-Body Problem? Resolved by a dual aspect metaphysics akin to Schopenhauer.
-What is the 'third brain' argument? It's an argument to the effect that materialistic reductionism is necessarily uncertain. But, ultimately, for reasons having to do with meaning, I consider materialism to be meaningless.
-What is the relationship between a theory of meaning and a theory of metaphysics? Identity.
-Can evolutionary psychology explain human behaviors? It can never do so completely. See Manifold Rule.
-What is end of Western philosophy? Zen Buddhism or a Zen philosophy, i.e. no dependence on words or letters.
-Am I an empiricist? Empiricism as a doctrine is fundamentally meaningless.
-What is the Manifold Rule? It states that any theory that attempts to reduce reality to a single predicate is meaningless.
-What is the Inseparability Principle? Any statement that precludes the possibility of any knowing subject is meaningless.
-What is a brain paradox? It shows that attempts to reduce human identities to so-called brains ends up in paradoxes. It's basically a part/whole paradox. In general brain paradoxes are used as arguments against materialistic reductionism as a philosophical theory. See "third brain argument."
-What is the dissappearing mind effect? Brought up in the course of a discussion of evolutionary psychology, it refers to the fact that if one can imagine all behaviors explained as modifications of the so-called fixed action patterns of Lorentz, all behaviors can seemingly be explained without reference to "mind", and "mind" seems to dissappear.
-What is apprehension theory? See above.